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jim carrey
by emmanuel itier, photo: jason merritt/filmmagic.com
number 23

Q: Do we make all the decisions in our lives?

Jim: I believe that somebody in a house in Montauk is controlling everything, at least in the world of forms. They are not controlling anything in the world of spirits.

Q: We have an impact on each other.

Jim: We are each other! There is no separation. It has been proven by science. We are connected. If I put a knife in my hand right now you’ll go “Arrgghh!” You will feel it emotionally. There is no question about it for me.

Q: Einstein said, “Nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, all is transformed.

Jim: Nothing real can ever be destroyed.

Q: Is this life? This movie seems to be about self-transformation and self-revelation.

Jim: I think everybody is looking for something that they already have. Everyone is looking for God and everyone is God. So, the act of looking for God is kind of a waste of time, but you have to go through the process, so that at the end you might realize that you’re it. And everyone is it. I heard this expression once: “there is a God-shaped hole” in everyone, and you try to fill it up with drugs, with love, with other things, and then you try to fill it up with healthy things instead. But the fact is there is no hole because everything is God and God doesn’t leave holes. We’re already complete and it’s all about realizing you’re complete. Once you realize this, this life and everything in it becomes something to play with. You have nothing to worry about, you need to have fun with your life. Once you’re in that place, everything is possible…

Q: Do you think this film is also about finding yourself, surrendering yourself, and accepting the fact that someone can love you even if you don’t think it’s possible?

Jim: Ego is about trying to rule the world! Ego is what people call the devil. Ego is the voice in your head that says “you’re not as good as this other person and maybe you need to add something to yourself to be better” or it’s the voice that says, “Oh boy! If they find out about you and how you feel and what you believe, then you’ll be destroyed.” Or the need to make a mark that will last forever. Ego is very tricky in the sense that it tries to convince us that we need something, this immortality, that we already possess. It’s keeping us from being you and me, from loving and loving this life!

Q: Some people are at war with their “ego”. I think that when we find ourselves, then we can lead, inspire, not preach, but inspire people, give them hope…

Jim: I think it’s a good thing to do good and inspire people to goodness. But nothing you do is going to add anything to you and nothing you do is going to take anything away from you. So you have nothing else to do but play. If play for you means, “I want to give people a great message” then great, but there is no need to change the planet. The planet is good, it always will be good. I really believe evil doesn’t want to win, because it’s not there to win--it’s there to show you what you don’t want so you can understand what you do want. The Devil is working for God.

Q: They are business partners in a way…

Jim: Totally…

Q: I think that sometimes all of this is just a distraction, keeping us from being happy….

Jim: It’s enlightenment that you need. You want to grow vegetables? Well, do it. You want to skate? This is what I’m doing: I’m skating, I’m painting, I’m in love. There are lots of flowerbeds in the garden now for me. It used to be very narrow before. It used to be all about showbiz and fame. And I got to a point where, luckily, I got fame and wealth, so I could scratch them off the list. And now I do it for fun.

Q: So you freed yourself in a way…

Jim: Yes, and I do get caught up once in a while. The ego still is there. It never disappear.

Q: Like you said, we’re all human beings and God at the same time…

Jim: Yes.


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