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Welcome to Bookla, the ultimate online ticketing platform for zoos, oceanariums, amusement parks, sport centres, and museums. With our platform, you can easily sell tickets and manage your events online, all while providing a convenient experience for your customers.

Experience the Convenience of Self-Service Kiosks

One of the standout features of our platform is the ability to integrate self-service kiosks on-site. These kiosks allow your customers to easily purchase tickets at their convenience, saving you the time and cost of having to staff ticket booths. Plus, the kiosks help you generate more revenue by making it easy for customers to access your attractions.

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Self-Service Kiosk: Fast and Convenient Ticketing at Your Fingertips!

Our self-service kiosk for ticketing offers a fast and convenient way to purchase tickets for any type of attractions. With just a few taps on the touchscreen, you can easily pay for your tickets, and print out a physical copy or receive a mobile ticket right on your smartphone. In addition, our kiosk is fully integrated into our online ticketing platform, meaning that all of your ticketing analytics will be visible in one place. Say goodbye to long lines and ticket-buying headaches and try out our user-friendly kiosk today!

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Turnstiles Integration for Improved Customer Flow

Our platform's seamless integration with turnstiles at your venue allows for a smooth and efficient process for your customers. By scanning their tickets at the turnstile, they can easily access your attractions. This integration not only enhances the customer experience, but it also helps reduce queues and improve the flow of visitors at your venue. Plus, with our extended analytics, you can track the usage of your turnstiles and optimize your resources accordingly.

Grow Your Business with Bookla's Range of Features and Services

But Bookla doesn't just stop at ticketing. We also offer a range of other features to help you grow your business. From different subscription options and gift cards to marketing tools and extended analytics, we have everything you need to reach a wider audience and track your sales and performance.

Maximize Your Business Potential with Bookla

At Bookla, we're dedicated to helping you succeed. Our platform is designed to be convenient for both you and your customers, making it easy to manage your ticketing. Plus, with our focus on generating revenue and increasing your business, we're the perfect partner to help you grow.

So why wait? Sign up for Bookla today and start maximizing your business potential!

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